Who am i?

Sujay Jain Photograph for Website.jpg

I am a native Indian and a hobby photographer with a dream to capture a photographic story and evoke emotions. Photography is the only art that allows me to explore the vibrant world.  My work touches upon the world with an injection of seriousness and surprise.

My photography shows places, objects and people as they are: natural, undisguised, real, and of raw beauty.  I love the stories my images portray, in an artful and visually pleasing way.  When I’m not telling stories with photographs, I spend most of my days studying in school, watching TV shows, reading thrillers or running. 

The world is my studio and the only equipment I need is a camera. I like to capture my subjects under natural light from the sun and the flames, not bound by subject or by location, but by the desire to see the world through the lens of honesty and compassion.

As a young man,  I am curious to explore places, and learn about people and their culture. I try to show the personality, and emotions of a person, the history and essence of a place, the emotional value of objects every time I click.    

I hope by reading this you got to know me a little better. This is the start to our grand adventure. Click on Portfolio or The Panchbhutas to explore my work. If you want to get in touch with me, ‘say hello’!